What are people saying about Courtney's work?

Massage work


Three years ago I honestly thought I was losing the use of my feet and legs….I was in excruciating pain.  My chiropractor and doctor had no explanation for me.   My sister recommended I see Courtney and so I did.  I was skeptical and had no expectations. 

That was over three years ago.  Courtney was very upfront with me about my issues.  I wasn’t promised immediate results and was told that it would take time to undo all that I had done to my body…decades of sports, injuries and physical work had taken a toll.

But, she told me that she could help.

Initially, I was seeing Courtney on a weekly basis.  I now see her on a ‘maintenance’ schedule.  I trust her implicitly to listen to my concerns and any changes I notice in my body.  Her studio is always clean and welcoming.  Her manner is straight forward and professional.  Being well versed in physiology and anatomy she can answer questions that I always have. 

I feel better than I’ve felt in years.  I’m not only experiencing physical relief, but an emotional release due to not being in pain 24/7.  Thanks Courtney!

- Sue, Wellington, CO

Courtney's bodywork is the most exacting, precise and powerful type of massage I've ever experienced. She utilizes a sensitivity combined with a deep effective style that releases ingrained patterns of tension and heals imbalance. It's like she works with you instead of on you and the potency of her care and connection ignite a process of inner inquiry leading to healing on all levelsHer expertise lies in her unique approach, helping each client to integrate emotional intelligence with the body/mind connection to cultivate true, lasting changes. My body and my life has been impacted by her work in ways that are ineffable.

     - Isha, Jersey City, NJ


somatic experiencing

A session with Courtney is a journey into and with your self.

Several years ago I had my initial experience of Courtney's healing abilities when I had my first massage with her. She has had many years of bodywork experience in several modalities and has achieved a level of mastery that is hard to find in the industry. Courtney has been my go-to massage therapist for special treats to myself like birthday presents, and also the person I want to run to when things are really out-of-whack with my body to get me back on track.

Recently I had the chance to experience Courtney in the realm of Somatic Experiencing. The work itself is lovely, very body-centered with a mindful approach. Courtney's background of bodywork brings a unique skill set to her SE work.

I arrived at our session in a quandary, immersed in an issue that was current in my life and also triggering in a traumatic way from my past. We began by sitting with the issue and feeling into the various ways we could approach it. Courtney gave me several options for my system to consider before I decided which thread to follow. As we started exploring my body's experience of the issue, Courtney's attunement to my nervous system became clear; she was able to perceive the nuances of minute changes in my system that sometimes I didn't notice and helped me facilitate edgy conversations between different parts of my body and consciousness. At the same time, she kept her finger on my emotional pulse and kept the pace of the session slow to keep my system engaged but not overwhelmed. Her empathetic nature felt supportive and I had the experience of being really understood and held during our session. Our session stayed with me afterwards, and has enabled me to stay connected with those parts of me that came out during our session and had previously been kept psychologically behind closed doors. 

- Anna, Fort Collins, CO